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Whilst the Charity is still in the early stages, the trustees have held a variety of events deemed to be most needed by the local area based on the economic issues and limited opportunities that face the inhabitants of the town and surrounding area.

To advance education and improve the conditions of life
The charity organised and held ‘The Workshop – Business and Careers Expo’. In partnership with the Job Centre, local further education and training companies, energy industry and financial advice companies and banks; ‘trade stands’ and workshops were available to offer employment opportunities, further education, retraining advice, new business start-up advice, etc to delegates. This was mainly to address the declining oil & gas industry in the local area, but was open to anyone seeking employment and/or new business advice

To provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation
The charity organised and held either free or nominally charged roller skating activities for families. Whilst the activities were open to all, the most deprived areas of the town were heavily marketed with leaflets and posters in order to encourage greater participation from these residents.

To establish or secure a community centre
The trustees have engaged extensively with the local council, land owners, commercial landlords and developers throughout the year to establish and secure the charities own community centre. Taking over the lease of the Retro Arena is the first stage whilst other existing premises are secured or a new build is constructed

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